Introduction of Organizers

About SZCI
Shenzhen Chamber of Investment was established inApril 2005, and it is a “5A level” Shenzhen Civilized Unit chamber in Shenzhen. It is also the first chamber/association that obtained integration of the two standards from the ministry of industry and information technology of China. The Chamber currently has about 1200 core members in high-tech and financial. It is a professional and functional investment chamber.
About MIIA
Macao International Investment Association is a non-profit association in Macao, the purpose of the establishment of the Macau In ternational Investment Associationisto strengthen communication and ties between industries. To reflect opinions and demands of most members to the relevant government departments.To enhance cooperation and exchanges between Macao and international peer s as its own responsibility.
About HSIA
The Hong Kong-Shenzhen Investment Alliance is a non-profit social organization established in Hong Kong in accordance with the principle of "equality, co-operation, reciprocity and mutual assistance" and is a voluntary community of economic interests of Shenzhen-Hong Kong investment institutions and relevant business associations. To improve the success rate of investment, maximize investment benefits, promote the faster development of The Hong Kong and Shen Zhen economy under the new situation.
Shenzhen Venture Capital Association (SZVCA) was established on October 14, registered non-profit professional industry organizations. SZVCA adheres to the "government guidance, industry self-discipline" purposes, and constantly improve management, improve service capacity and level, around the venture capital institutions " fund- raising, investment, management, retirement" and innovation.
In 2009, Great Wall Investment Business School was established in Hong Kong. Adhering to the "educational ser vices social development" concept of running a school."Great Wall Fund" helps enterprise development,drives the international investment education.